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28 Jun 2019

KUALA LUMPUR (April 27): The President of the Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association (PPIM), Datuk Nadzim Johan, urges consumers to be wary of any form of fast-growing investment in the market, and not to believe in so-called high-return interest, because this is often the bait of the fraud group to the victim.

The victim reported to the Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association

He said at a news conference today that the association even recently discovered that fraudulent elements of counterfeit religious teachers had started with consumers, and nearly 60 people were fooled and reported to the association, with losses totalling up to RM2 million.

Two of the victims have today stood up to their own experience and fraudulent group practices.

He said that the Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association also urged the Police Commercial Crimes Unit to pay more attention and investigate such fraudulent cases, so as to avoid more innocent people suffering.

“We know that most of the fraud cases in the society have started from the small class. If everyone reports the case, it will inevitably increase the workload of the police. However, when the police relax the investigation, such fraud will become more and more serious. Over time, it will become serious. Fraud case.”

“We also called on the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to pay attention to online scams and, if necessary, to swindle the scammers to capture the scammers and bring them to justice.”

Nadzim disclosed that online scams are constantly emerging, and people are being fooled every day. The amount involved is up to RM million.

False Facebook account is difficult to check the identity of the liar

He said that many times, scammers use high technology such as opening fake Facebook accounts on the Internet to sell products or even investment plans, and then ask people or those who are interested in online shopping to transfer money to other people’s accounts. The unit also did not find out their true identity.

He believes that the Communication and Multimedia Committee actually wants to track down the identity of the fraudsters. Therefore, the Association also calls on the communications industry to carefully process the details of each registration data when registering a new mobile number for everyone. The identity of the scammer can be easily detected.

“Now because some carriers or mobile phones allow customers to take other people’s ID cards, they can also register.”

Follow the convener to the Cambodian inspection

Jamaludin Hamdan (59) revealed at the press conference that he himself had invested a total of RM80,000 in two losses because of his belief in the quick get rich plan. The loss was heavy.

“Their plan is called M-Capital. According to the plan, each investor can earn 10% of the monthly interest. I started with a total of RM3,400 in interest, but only received 3 months. In 2017, the convenor will disappear.”

He disclosed that he himself believed in the “lie” of the other party because he was influenced by his friends, listened to the convener of the plan, and even followed the other side to Cambodia for a field trip.

He said that the plan started in 2016 and will not wake up until 2017 when the fraudsters flee.

“I believe it. Because the other party said that they have raised a sum of money to invest in Cambodia to build a bridge, and we used to be local, they also have Cambodian generals and police officers to receive, which I believe is true.”

False Religious Division claims to be Dr. Datuk

Another deceived person is Sheikh Razali Bux (61 years old) from Ulu Kinta, Perak, who lost only RM9,800. The main investment projects are based on fraudulent disclosures involving the livestock industry, plantation and real estate business. A man who believes in the impersonation of the Department of Religion, and who claims to be a professor of the university professor and a sealed Datuk, makes investors convinced of his coming.

“Most of the victims of my plan are single mothers and senior citizens. It seems that the scammers are specifically targeting these goals.”

He pointed out that after investing for a few months, he was very active in introducing friends to join the investment and earning considerable commissions.

“However, the maximum investment amount for this investment plan is RM35,000 and a minimum of RM350. After we find that something is wrong, the other party can no longer contact, and the recipient claims to be his representative lawyer.”

Was invited to the TV station promotion plan

He said that the fake “Religious Secretary” was very good at explaining when reporting to investors, so many people were attracted by his words, and the other party was even invited to the TV station to publicize their plans.

Article by : Sin Chew Daily