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1968) NEWSTRAITSTIMES – Muslim bodies urge boycott of Cadbury chocs
30 May 2014

Muslim bodies urge boycott of Cadbury chocs

‘QUESTION OF TRUST’: 800 business outlets asked to return Cadbury products to company

KUALA LUMPUR: THE Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) and Malaysian Muslim Wholesalers and Retailers Association (Mawar), have called for a boycott of all Cadbury products.
Sheikh Abdul Kareem S. Khadaied of PPIM said as a company trusted by many for decades, Cadbury Malaysia had not only violated the Food Act, but also the public trust after traces of porcine DNA was found in two of its products.
“We urge all Malaysians regardless of religion, to boycott all Cadbury products as the main issue now is not about halal and haram, but the sensitivity of all Malaysians.
“I am disappointed with Cadbury Malaysia because as an established company, it should have had prior knowledge about traces of porcine DNA in its products, since it boasts of test mechanisms and facilities,” he said at a press conference yesterday.
Meanwhile, Mawar adviser Bazeer Ahmed said 800 business outlets under the association had been instructed to return all Cadbury products to the company.
“We urge the Health Ministry and the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to issue statements pertaining to strict punishment against companies whose products are found to have porcine DNA or other non-halal ingredients,” he said.
Traces of porcine DNA were found in two out of three samples of Cadbury products , following random tests done by the ministry in February. Cadbury Malaysia said it was working closely with Jakim to address the issue to ensure that its products were in compliance with the halal guidelines.

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