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1979) Cadbury confident chocolates halal — Raja Zalina Raja Safran
02 Jun 2014

MAY 30 — Cadbury Malaysia would like to reassure consumers that we are extremely focused on resolving the concerns that led to the proactive recall of two batches of Cadbury Dairy Milk products in Malaysia.
On Friday May 23, 2014, Cadbury was informed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) that Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut 175g (with batch number 200813M01H I2 that expires on November 13, 2014) and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond 175g (with batch number 221013N01R I1 that expires on January 15, 2015) analysed by the MOH tested positive for traces of porcine DNA.
Although Cadbury proactively and voluntarily recalled the products, we have no reason to believe that there is any porcine or pork-related ingredient in our Cadbury chocolates. We stand by our halal certification and we have the highest levels of product labelling standards.
We continue to be in positive consultation with the highest levels of Malaysian authorities as we await the analysis from the MOH, which JAKIM is conducting, on the above-mentioned products and the supply chains associated with these products.
Our extreme focus on this matter continues and we are meeting with stakeholders and leaders in the Muslim community to reassure them of our commitment to making products that meet the needs of Malaysian consumers. We are encouraged by the positive actions of the National Fatwa Council who is working with consumers to help build an understanding that Cadbury products are suitable for consumption and maintain their halal status.
We remain committed in adhering to JAKIM’s halal regulatory guidelines, as prescribed in the Manual Procedure of Halal Certification Malaysia, in serving the highest quality products across our portfolio to all our customers. We encourage Malaysians to continue to have trust in our products.
We understand how critical halal is to our consumers and how important it is to the ongoing trust in our products. All other products in the Malaysian Cadbury range maintain their halal status.
We will also continue working with stakeholders to ensure that we build the best testing practices for Malaysian consumers.
* Raja Zalina Raja Safran is Cadbury Head of Corporate Affairs.
** This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malay Mail Online.

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