The Report on the Halal Corruption at TFI
(Purportedly written by the whistleblower)

Point 1: Not following the Halal.

The animals are drowning in blood, and the halal supervisor was there and did nothing, and when we talked about it, we were threatened to lose our jobs.

Point 2: Halal workers not treated correctly

The company pays to a 3rd party, and the 3rd party does not pay the halal workers correctly. Even the halal workers are not even practicing Islam correctly, some don’t pray, some drink alcohol, and they don’t speak out about the wrongdoings of the halal, or they might lose their jobs.

Point 3: The halal supervisor does whatever the company tells them to do

The supervisors themselves do not care about the halal, nor practice Islam and do not pray either. Only when the audit is happening they show off to the visitors. One day I stopped the chain and asked them why the animals were drowning in the blood, he said “you do not need to worry about that, just do your job”. I then realized there was a lot going on wrong here, and if you speak up, the company and supervisor are on one side and can do whatever they want and even sack you on the same day.

Point 4: The animals are being abused pre-slaughter and after

The dogs from the back, bite and hurt the animals, some workers use sticks to injure the animals badly. Sometimes I would receive injured animals, sometimes with my own eyes I would see them physically and brutally hurting the animals.

Point 5: The company itself does not follow the Malaysian requirements

The company is supposed to have 2 slaughtermen, 1 halal checker, and 1 supervisor, altogether, 4 workers. Instead, they only have 3, 1 halal checker, 1 supervisor, and 1 slaughterman.

Sometimes no one gives you a break to fulfill your duties In Islam such as praying. The trick the company uses is they use the fourth man on the line working for the company and then make him pretend he is the 4th halal person. Although he doesn’t even practice Islam, he doesn’t pray Jumu’ah, and he doesn’t even go to the toilet properly nor care about what he is eating. If you speak out about any of those workers to them, you will have a consequence. That is why they don’t employ the right halal workers so that they could do whatever they wish. To save money and to also abuse the right halal workers, therefore this is totally unacceptable in accordance with Malaysian halal requirements. I have done this investigation to stop these people, I have seen and heard a lot of halal workers being abused and bullied by the company and the 3rd party.

Point 6: The 3rd party

The 3rd party are the ones who are corrupting the whole halal system for their own benefit. The company pays them the full wages of the halal slaughterman, but this 3rd party is called halal help and has a contract with SICHMA the halal provider, to bring halal workers for the company. I have a lot of evidence of the wrong they do to the halal system and halal workers. Most of the good, practicing halal workers left there because of the pay rights, the abuse of the halal system and must follow whatever the 3rd party says or otherwise they get sacked.

There were many more wrong things they were doing, and to expose this company’s well-planned wrongdoings was very hard.

Article by: minaq jinggo