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2179) ARKIB BERITA PPIM – 7/10/2014 THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER – NGOs Say Egypt Ban on Malaysians Entering Gaza
25 Oct 2014

Activists from several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have protested against the Egyptian government’s blacklisting of Malaysia from entering Gaza via the Rafah border crossing to send humanitarian aid.
Nassar Foundation chairman, Nasharuddin Mat Isa (pic) said this latest Egyptian action was unacceptable and their claim that Malaysia was training Al-Qassam militants was a lie.
“All this while, Malaysia had extended medical and food supplies on humanitarian grounds and not via the political platform.
“I see Malaysia is being made a scapegoat because the Egyptian government may be trying to appease Israel for its own interest,” he said when contacted by Bernama today.
He was commenting on the statement by Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisations deputy president Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar that the support Malaysia gave for the people of Palestine, who were oppressed by Israel’s Zionist regime, was misconstrued as helping violence.
Other than Malaysia, five other nations which were blacklisted were Turkey, Qatar, Iran, Morocco and Sudan, said Abdul Aziz.
In this regard, Nasharuddin, who is also former PAS deputy president, said the Malaysian government should issue a statement to counter the baseless allegation.
He said Malaysia should also hold discussions with the Egyptian government to allow Malaysia to enter Gaza again via Rafah to continue its humanitarian aid for the Palestinians.
Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia chief activist Datuk Nadzim Johan said Egypt’s action would only worsen the situation because Malaysia’s main aim to Gaza was to extend humanitarian aid.
“The present Egyptian government may be pressured by the major powers to prevent Malaysia from giving aid to the people of Palestine.
“In this regard, the Malaysian government must give serious attention to the allegation of the Egyptian goverment that it is training Al-Qassam militants as it involves Malaysia’s image at the international level,” he said.
Nadzim said the action of the Egyptian government in preventing Malaysia from entering Gaza could be temporary as Malaysia had good relations with Egypt prior to this. – Bernama, October 7, 2014.

Credit : https://my.news.yahoo.com/ngos-egypt-ban-malaysians-entering-gaza-unacceptable-bernama-154551266.html