KUALA LUMPUR: A nurse in a Klang Valley hospital claimed she was sacked for covering her ‘aurat’ (modesty) while working.
Naziah Sauni Samat, 24, alleged she was not allowed to wear a long-sleeved uniform while on duty and was instructed to wear a short-sleeved uniform by the hospital.
“It is my right to wear long sleeves, but the hospital management repeatedly ordered me to remove the sleeves.
“The whole hospital told me to cut off the sleeves.
“I then ended up being sacked for insubordination, although the length of my sleeve was not stipulated in my offer letter,” she said during a press conference at the Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM) office.
Naziah elaborated that she was disappointed with the reasons given by the management, that long sleeves could cause infections to spread to the patients, despite there being no such prohibition at government hospitals.
“Government hospitals such as Hospital Kuala Lumpur allow their nurses to use long sleeve uniforms.
“If you want to talk about controlling infections, then clothes, hats, ties, are also susceptible to infections. When I work I roll up my sleeves,” she added.
Meanwhile, PPIM chairman Nadzim Johan stated they were disappointed with the private hospital’s actions and strongly condemned Naziah’s firing.
“We feel aggrieved with institutions such as this,” he said.
He has urged the Health Ministry and the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia to step forward and clarify the matter as it involved Muslim workers.

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