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12 Jan 2016

Hospital Damai Servis
Kenyataan Malaysiakini
Hplooi: A case of labour dispute is turned into a racial-religious issue. When exceptionalist ideologue cannot win the debate in a rational manner in the public sphere, they will resort to other means.
The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) is encouraging a retreat from civilisational dialogue.
While I view United States presidential candidate Donald Trump as a despicable egotist, his current views on Muslims may now start to make sense to many people.
When people like PPIM welcome civilisational clashes, they should beware that this may come true. Before such a cataclysmic event occur, the first casualty will be Malaysians of non-Muslim denomination.
Hitler started by winning the opening phase of World War Two (and in a spectacular manner) but eventually the whole German Reich was destroyed … utterly. So beware of what you wish for, PPIM.
Odysseus: It sounds like PPIM chief activist Nadzim Johan is supporting the action of these potential terrorists. It looks like these racists are willing to break the law if things don’t go their way.
Why can’t he show some leadership by making some mature statements like advising these vandals to wait for the case to go before the court?
Justine Gow: His words of condoning the act of vandalism against the hospital, this so-called activist is only revealing to the world that he is really a thug in disguise.
If he really did not agree with the paint splashing, as he claimed, he should condemn it instead of encouraging it implicitly.
Gaji Buta: Nadzim, you know these incidents reflect negatively on you and this knowledge that others think negatively of you will further make you do similar or worse actions which then makes others think even less of you, and so it goes on until we cannot live together anymore.
Is that the end game?
IQ900: In Malaysia, everything is racial. Hospital rules need nurses to wear short-sleeved uniform, what’s so difficult about that?
If you think it is against your religious belief, then stay at home so that nobody can see you at all.
Grey Matter: What if a patient gets an infection if this nurse (Naziah Sauni Samat) is involved in surgery? Who would compensate the patient? PPIM?
The insurance companies would not pay as the hospital has not followed proper medical procedures.
If the government pressures the profession to allow long sleeves, both Muslim and non-Muslim patients would avoid hospitals with such nurses for fear of infection.
What this nurse and PPIM is doing is a disservice to Muslims and Malays as a whole as hospitals would be apprehensive of hiring Muslims.
Anonymous_1430119660: The Registrar of Societies (ROS) should investigate PPIM, as to how their Articles of Association and by-laws allow them to stray into taking legal action against hospital for an employee-employer dispute.
Shindig: So when playing with fire, respond with fire. There is no point being sensible, it all doesn’t matter anyway, so we might as well have fun, no?
Snake-in-the-Grass: Donald Trump must be smirking – I told you so!
The long and short of a nurse’s sleeves
Hopeful123: The medical profession is about saving lives and lessening pain and curing the sick.
It is a profession involving sacrifice, love and care. Personal preference should take a back seat.
Babylon: I think I will insist on a nurse who cares more about me when I am in the hospital than one who thinks more about herself.
Hplooi: So it is very clear, while long sleeves may have been the norm in government hospital, the World Health Organisation (WHO) mandates short sleeves where health care personnel come into contact with patients.
This means I would question the hygiene standards of our public hospitals (if they have such ruling on long sleeves for their nursing staff).
This also mean that Damai Service Hospital (Melawati) is within its right to impose WHO standards of infection control.
And lastly, Muslim doctors who only use their pencil (or pen) to poke their patients would be considered derelict in their duties, and in such case being a doctor would be in serious conflict with their idea of personal religious commitments.
Whatshappening: Naziah should seek redress in the Industrial Court and she should be given a fair hearing.
Some private companies do set up their own standard operating procedures (SOP) and don’t give the other party a chance to be heard. They can be biased too, sorry to say that.
Fair Play: Don’t we all have religious obligations regardless of which religion we profess? Even the atheists are ‘religious’ in the sense that they don’t believe in any religion.
Here we are talking about health risk to patients. And yet this has turned into a racial and religious issue. What has gone wrong with this beautiful nation of ours?
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