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603) EMEL PILIHAN-Car stolen at KLCC, then home robbed
14 Aug 2012

Hi Ladies, 
This is a real case which happened to my colleague on 9th August. Please be extra careful and make sure you do not leave your house keys, parking ticket, letters, etc in your car. This is my colleague’s account of what happened: 
I am still in the midst of trying to get back to normal, just like to share with you on what happen (and do share if you want to, for lesson learnt and minimize damages with prevention)
– My car was stolen from klcc car park at 1pm (I didn’t realize that until when we heard what happened to my house, rushed to the car park and only noticed that)
– things that possibly led to the burglary, house keys left in the car, season parking ticket (somehow the guy ramped thru the parking ticket gate at klcc to get out), letters with my address, house auto gate control, GPS (although not set to home)
– 3:30 2 guys went into my house, n ransacked the house, suddenly my maid saw them, n she rushed to her room n locked herself in, they tried to push the door, but later rushed out from the house with valuables, house keys n my wife’s car.
– 3:40 Genie received call from my maid, n she called 112, the police turned up about 3:50 to the house, but since the robber took the house key, my maid was lock in the house, police couldn’t do much to enter the house to check for damage, so advised to make police report at the nearest police station.
– 5:30, we reached home after lodging report at klcc car park security on my car, my maid was still in shock, we were also in shock as to the whole incident…1 day with losing 2 cars n house was robbed……
I will be going to the bank today to settle the missing safe deposit box, and later will go to the police station with my maid for photo identification (since she is the only eye witness).
My son was luckily spared from this due to his school activity, as he only returned home at 4:30, it could have been worst if the robber stayed until then, and I don’t think I can bear to see the consequences.
Still a bit shaken, but life has to go on. I applied leave on Monday n Friday next week, so I will be coming in to work on Tuesday.
Am trying to recall, n make this a good lesson learnt for me, and share with people we care about.
Don’t leave things in your car :
. House keys
. Season parking ticket. (They didn’t use it though). Letter with your address.
. Other valuables that you treasured.
Take care ladies,