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01 Oct 2012

‘Mereka’ tidak kisah dengan halal

I think this is just too much… Actually its alarming since such honest candid arrogance is not from any normal Malaysian. Ngeh Koo Ham is a senior and seasoned politician who’s party is strongly supported by Muslims through PAS and PKR or even within DAP itself. Just realising that they are actually making inroads toward Putrajaya due to the few silly weaknesses of the government just gives you the shiver. Do you really believe that this disdainful attitude is actually his personal disposition and view as DAP will soon announce or the actual attitude and disrespect they have towards Islam shared quietly amongst themselves?
But politics aside, his audacity in confidently elaborating on Halal and Haram while clearly not qualifying as a scholar or even a Muslim show the dangerous level of interferences in Islam by certain non-Muslims. How dare he equates god to God?? He really believes that what ‘his Tuhan’ say in the bible is superior to what is mentioned in the Quran on Halal/Haram matters?  I don’t care if the issue is on areas where Muslims and Christians differ but here the subject is about a core concept that’s deeply entrenched in Islam and not in Christianity. 
Besides he truly believes that Halal and Haram is a simple matter. How have we allowed non-Muslims in Malaysia discuss matters pertaining to Islam with such arrogance and confidence more so when they are clearly wrong. 
It started with the open dialogues and forums in the net that’s fuelled by the weak position of the Malays as the guardian of the faith in Malaysia. First there was this claim supported naively by many learned Muslims that the Christians have the right to use ‘Allah’ to replace ‘god’ in the malay bible when they clearly have ‘Tuhan’ to use. (Such clear mischief is supported by many Muslims, sadly)Then there are Quranic verses quoted and elaborated by non-Muslims when speaking to Muslims on Muslims platform and often with Muslim scholars backing. Then there are calling for blessing on non-Muslim leaders from the mimbar of our Mosques. We have restaurants with the proud “non-halal” or “pork served” sign sprouting in many public malls, a situation that’s very rare not too long ago.
I wonder what’s next. Anyway, we have this non-Muslim again disregarding all conventions that we have long nurtured in Malaysia that have made us a harmonious nation for so long. Now what will be next? Or should we allow the whats next to happen first or shall we begin with a BIG NO TO OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE campaign and drag this ungrateful organisation the way PPIM dragged many who meddle or took Halal matter lightly…. And teach them and everyone a lesson. OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE can be clearly MASHBUH as their owners don’t believe in the Islamic concept for Halal and has failed to get Jakim Halal certification for their restaurant or even their kitchen. Ngeh believe it can be Halal if bible has no mention of it. So Can it be otherwise for such establishment? Lest we fool ourselves. 
(He later denied the rumours that he owns the ‘kopitiam’ saying that that the ‘kopitiam’ is not owned by him. But in the first place, why didn’t he deny from the beginning when Armand Azha asked, “why ur white coffee without halal?” ? He seemed to understand the question well and answered that Muslims do not need halal certificates and halal is just man-made. Could he be the owner of the ‘kopitiam’? Or related in some ways?. PPIM should investigate.)