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688) ARTIKEL PILIHAN ‘IKAN GMO’- Attack of the Frankenfish
22 Jan 2013

Dear friends, 

The US is about to treat the world to the first genetically modified meat:
a mutant salmon
 that could wipe out wild salmon populations and
threaten human health. Unless we stop it, this Frankenfish could open
the floodgates for biotech meat around the world. 

The US is about to treat the world to
the first genetically modified meat: a mutant salmon
could wipe out wild salmon populations and threaten human health — but we can
stop it now before our plates are filled with suspicious Frankenfish.

The new fake salmon grows twice as fast as the real one, and not even
scientists know its long-term health effects.
it’s about to be declared safe for us to eat, based on studies paid for by the
company that created the GMO creature! Luckily,
the US is legally required to consider public opinion before deciding.
growing coalition of consumers, environmentalists, and fishermen is calling on
the government to trash this fishy deal. Let’s urgently build an avalanche of
global support to help them win.

The consultation is happening right now and we have a real chance to keep
mutant fish off the menu. Sign to stop Frankenfish and share widely —
when we reach 1 million, our call will be officially submitted to the public
The company that developed the Frankenfish altered
the DNA of the salmon to create a fish that would grow at lightning speed,
 Not only do we not understand its long term health
effects, if a few of them or their eggs reached the wild, these super-salmon
could decimate entire wild salmon populations. Worse,
once they hit supermarkets, we won’t be able to tell apart Frankenfish and real
 so there won’t be a way to avoid it! 
The biotech industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying
governments to approve its GM crops. Frankenfish
is their next million dollar baby
 — it could open the
floodgates for other transgenic meats. But
the US government will consider public opinion before it makes its final
 — if we can stun them with a giant global opposition
when they least expect it, we can stop this reckless deal.
Frankenfish is on the verge of being approved — let’s make sure biotech
companies don’t decide what we eat. Help
build one million voices to stop the mutant fish:
Avaaz members have come together to protect the natural world and our food
system from dangerous meddling. In 2010, over 1 million of us spoke out against
genetically modified food in Europe. Let’s come together again to stop
With hope,
Jamie, Nick, Emma, Dalia, Emily, Paul, Ricken, Wen-Hua and the whole Avaaz team
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