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765) BERITA NEW STRAITS TIMES 11 JUN 2013 : Islamic NGOs urge swift action on those who make provocative slurs
11 Jun 2013

The Muslim non-governmental organisations that lodged reports on Facebook postings allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Pic by Sugumaran Suppiah

Fifteen Islamic non-governmental organisations representing thousands of
members today lodged police reports and urged several authorities to take swift
action against those who had insulted Islam and Prophet Muhammad through the
social media.

The group’s spokeman Datuk Nadzim Johan said
swift and stern action were critical in preventing provocative slurs made
against Islam from manifesting into untoward incidents that could disrupt the
nation’s peace and harmony.
“We (Islamic NGOs) are tired of lodging
police reports over and over again against insulting remarks that instigate
hatred in this country.
“Yet, we here we are again lodging another
report. We understand that there are laws and regulations to abide to and we
the authorities will nab these culprits and bring them to justice.
“However, we also fear that if action is not
taken soon, this situation might prompt physical attacks as the culprits had
insulted Muslims and our faith,” he told reporters outside the Dang Wangi
police headquarters after lodging the reports today.
Nadzim said an email was also in circulation
offering anyone who manage to catch the culprits a gold bar.
“The insults were obviously made by those who
do not like to see the peace and harmony we are enjoying today.”
Nadzim, who is the chief activist of the
Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), said the organisations will also
hold a meeting to decide on their next course of action against those who
disrespect Islam.
Among the 15 organisations which lodged the
reports today were PPIM, Malay Army Veterans Association (PVTM), Keris Mas
Malaysia, Seni Silat Kalam, Malaysian Islamic Welfare And Sermon Organisation
(PEKIDA), Cahaya Haluan Amanah Insan Malaysia (Chai Malaysia) and Young
Malaysian Journalists Club (YMJC).
Chai Malaysia founder Abdul Hamid Kamaruddin
said there was no basis for anyone to attack Islam as Malaysia is a
multi-religious nation, and the government had given room for people of every 9
to practice their religion.
“Why do they have to do this? The government
must take stern action.
“The Malays and Muslims here have been very
patient all these while, but this does not mean that the tolerance can hold
Gabungan Melayu Malaysia chairman Mazlan Man,
who is also guru of Seni Silat Kalam, said Malay Muslims should stay united and
not give any room to others to look down on Islam and Malays.
Meanwhile, YMJC president Dzulkarnain Taib
said the series of insults against Islam and Malay rulers might be part of
organised attacks by pro-opposition cybertroopers, the Red Bean Army.
He said the people wanted to see a
no-nonsense approach in the action taken by the Home Ministry.
It was reported that the Communication and
Multimedia Ministry had identified two individuals who allegedly insulted
Prophet Muhammad through Facebook on Friday.
Its minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek
said the culprits were registered as “Calvin Gani” and “Rakyat
Anarki” on Facebook, and the cases had been submitted to the police.
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