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790) NEW STRAITS TIMES 22/6/13 – Safety concerns raised over Blackout 505 rally
25 Jun 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: The opposition should know better
than infringing upon the rights of others.
That was the response from several quarters who
voiced their concern for the safety of those travelling to the city today in
view of the opposition-led rally.
It is learnt that the opposition and their allies
would gather at several points in the city and march to Padang Merbok despite
their application to hold a demonstration at the venue being rejected by City
Recalling what had taken place in the last rally
organised by Bersih, Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association chief activist
Datuk Nadzim Johan described the opposition-led rally as ridiculous as it was a
threat to public order.
What had started as something ridiculous has become
ludicrous. We should not trample on others’ rights to live peacefully.
The opposition should respect the choice made by
the people of the country in the last general election.
Do you know what happened during the last Bersih
rally? We received many reports by kidney patients who were not able to attend
their scheduled dialysis treatments that day because of the ruckus caused by
the opposition, said Nadzim.
He said some patients even passed out after failing
to receive treatment, as they were fearful of the dangers posed by the rally.
Nadzim added a majority had grown tired of the
We did a survey and discovered that even opposition
supporters have had enough of them (rallies). They just want to move on and
feel that Pakatan should address their grouses through legal channels.
As the gatherings would be held at several public
locations, including a shopping mall, Malaysia Shopping Malls Association
member Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin said that security for mall employees was a matter
of concern.
He said businesses were likely to be hampered
whenever roads were closed due to such events.
That is my main concern. Most will be afraid to
come to work and worse, they will not get paid (for that day).
One must take into consideration that 70 per cent
of staff in shopping malls nationwide are women.
At any time when the main arteries to Kuala Lumpur
are closed, you can see a drop in business activities, said Ameer, who is also
Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad executive director.
Malaysian Taxi Owners and Drivers Association
secretary Hiew Pow Man said the rallies would severely affect the livelihood of
taxi drivers.
If the organisers are determined to hold the rally
(despite going against the law), I just hope that they will keep everything to
a minimum, as they must think about taxi drivers, too.
If they keep demonstrating for long hours, then how
are we going to make ends meet for the day?
They must remember that there are 30,000 taxis
providing service in the city.