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853 ) Emel Pilihan – Enemies of the Ummah
30 Jul 2013


Trans Pacific
Partnership Agreement, a sugar coated poison which the government is bent on
swallowing down the nation’s throat at any cost. What actually is TPPA? How it
is going to affect the man in the street? And how the nation as whole will bear
the consequences in the times to come? These are the questions about which not
many people are concerned and are least bothered. There is a great lack of
public awareness about what is going on, because these negotiations are conducted
in utmost secrecy, even the different teams of negotiators does not have the
knowledge what the other team is negotiating or what is the content of the of
the agreement itself. So what about the general public whose very lives are
going to be affected by this agreement?
Let’s look for the
answers of the above in a manner that a lay man may have some sense of what is
going on. TPPA in fact is the agenda of the world’s capitalist powers who want
to control the economy of the whole world to their benefits and erect the so
called “World Government”. The aim is to enslave whole nations by trapping them
in to one agreement or the other and have a complete control over their
economies, and be able to impose their will on others not only in the economic
field but on every other aspect of the human life in the countries which falls
in to their trap. In primitive times powerful nations would attack and
subjugate other nations by conquering their countries and having control over
their resources and build their empires, but now the strategy has been changed;
now they don’t need to send their troops to invade but gain control of the
economy and resources through “agreements” and the nations are automatically
enslaved without firing a single bullet.
How does it work? Well;
to make it simple, once the agreement is rectified the countries can have
access to each other’s markets without any restrictions and start setting up
business and enter in to competitions with the local business. Now imagine a
scenario for example a company like Wall Mart comes to Malaysia and set up huge
Stores in every major town and city and start selling the products ‘below the
cost’ price, and attract the customers with the ‘lowest’ prices. Since the
local companies will not be able to compete for long by selling below cost
therefore eventually they will go bankrupt and close shop, and once that is
achieved, the biggest fish will start gradually raising the prices and reap
profits for ever. At that time the customer will have no choice but to buy from
the only player in the market. The advocates of the “trap” will say that it is
a two way street, if their companies can come here, our companies can go there
as well but the question is; do we have a company which can go there and ‘kill’
Wall Mart? If not; then it’s going to be a one way street only.
The greatest challenge
will come to us when our financial and banking sectors will be opened to
foreign competition, keeping the above scenario in mind our banks will be
swallowed by the banks who just print the “Dollar” which in fact is paper only,
not backed by anything at all, we will make ourselves the biggest fools on
earth to sell our banks for this fake currency called the USD and let our
nation be enslaved forever. The printers of this fake currency have also
realized that they cannot fool the world for long; therefore they want to
accumulate with it as much as possible, using this paper money before its
imminent collapse.
How foolish and stupid
it is for the MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) to appoint
UNDP (United Nations Development Program) to conduct a study on TPPA, blind to
the fact that people behind TPPA and UNDP are the same, the study done by UNDP
has recently been released, which has painted a rosy picture of TPPA. One
wonders whether MITI is run by fools of highest degree.
There are some people
that are of the opinion that we can singe TPPA and latter if we don’t feel
comfortable with it we may get out of it, these people are living in fool’s
paradise, this agreement once it is singed will open the flood gate to
trillions of paper dollars, we may have to pay in tens of trillions in compensations
if we choose to get out of the agreement at a later stage, the question is that
why we must get in to something in the first place which we may decide later to
get out from?  
 In short TPPA is a trap design to suck the
wealth and resources of the smaller nations, make them slaves forever and build
the “World Government” to rule the world by a small minority.
The civil society and
the NGOs of the country should demand from the government to lift the veil of
secrecy over the agreement, open it for the public debate who has the right to
know, otherwise put it to a referendum by the nation who will have to pay the
price at the end of the day, since the ultimate price will have to be paid by
the masses, they must have the right to say Yes or No to it.
Tahir Khan

28th of July 2013