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843) Emel pilihan -A very Dangerous Trend
23 Jul 2013

The dust after the GE
13 has hardly settled down, people who were so confidant of capturing the
federal government had their dreams badly shattered and ended up utterly frustrated.
In their frustration and to show the world that infect they were popular but
the government robbed them of their victory they embarked on the useless
exercise of street demonstrations hoping of a “Malaysian Spring” which did not
materialize as well, and fizzled out even before the first sitting of the

It’s an open secret
that there were outside forces and the big businesses inside the country who
were wholeheartedly behind the expedition of the opposition in terms of
wholesale funding as well all kind of material and immaterial support to get
them “Putra Jaya” which turned out to be a hard nut to crack. In their zeal and
enthusiasm they did not mind even to receive support from the worst enemies of
the state thus indulging them in committing high treason. 

The country is in the
process of recovering from a very serious attempt made on its sovereignty and
the nation is trying to grasp what exactly has transpired behind the scene and
away from public knowledge. The enemies who made this attempt on our country
are not going to sit back and lick their wounds and wait until the next general
elections. Infect they have embarked on a very dangerous path which if it is
not addressed at the earliest stage may become very difficult to control later.
They are trying to tear down the social fabric of the society and destroy the
peace and harmony between the different races which makes up this nation.

As we have been seeing
in the last couple of months or so, certain issues have been cropping up in the
country which were never been heard of before, like the issue of insulting the
King, insulting the Prophet (PBUH), the MCA coming hard on its member for
adhering to the orders of the Sultan, the Vatican’s ambassador making statement
about the use of the holy name of Allah, and lately a couple of animals making
fun of the ‘Ibadah’ of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan by posting picture of
a pork dish as the meal for opening of the ‘fast’.
All these things are
happening in a very short span of time, these events are taking place in a
sequence and should not be seen in isolation, it seems there are some satanic
forces behind all this which don’t want to see this nation in peace, before the
elections there were people who were talking of bloods in the streets if the
opposition were not awarded victory in the elections, now the direction has
been changed towards that goal. Very constantly and deliberately attempts are
being made to touch on the religious and cultural sensitivities of the majority
Muslim population of the country and to provoke them to the extent that they
start taking ‘Vigilantly’ actions like in the case of the gambling dens
operator in Seri Muda Shah Alam.
The above mentioned
issues can be seen from a different prospective as well, it can well be an
attempt to divert the attention of the nation from a possible “Death Trap”
which the enemy has laid down for us in the form of TPPA (Trans Pacific
Partnership Agreement) which is being currently under negotiations. We must not
fell in to this trap at any cost.
Whatever the case may
be the society and especially the government must take a very serious note of
this very dangerous trend of the provocations made against the Muslim
population of the country and try to address the issue in an effective and
decisive manner. Otherwise the enemy will get what they want, i e “the blood in
the streets”   
Tahir Khan

20, July 2013.