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21 Dec 2016


KUALA LUMPUR: A family facing foreclosure on their home was saved by an benevolent stranger who decided to forego the RM44,500 he had paid as a down payment for the home which went up for auction. Lee Hui Sen, who had settled the payment with the bank, was touched by the family’s plight when he went to check out the property. He found out that the family was in deep financial difficulties and was moved by their circumstances. When he visited, Lee saw children’s clothing hanging outside, left to dry amid the gloomy weather. That sight moved him. Lee later wrote a letter to the family, telling them that he would not be buying the house after all, despite having the paid the down payment. “My family and I decided not to buy the house after all as we are worried that you would have nowhere to go,” he wrote. In the touching letter, which was left in the family’s mailbox, Lee also advised the family to restructure the bank loan so that they will not have to go through another foreclosure nightmare. “Try discussing it with the bank on extending the loan to allow more time (for repayment) or lower the monthly payments according to your ability to repay,” he wrote. He also had another advice for the family. Lee suggested that they removed some of the trees and flower pots outside the house to invite more positive energy into the home and make the house brighter. This moving tale came to light after it was shared on Facebook by journalist Siti Na’imah Mohamed. She had apparently learned about the case during a press conference by the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM). The account was confirmed by PPIM president Datuk Nadzim Johan. According to him, the family’s plight is similar to many Malaysians who are facing the possibility of losing their homes due to foreclosure. “The family took a loan for about RM200,000 some 15 years back to buy the house. “They have been paying the monthly instalment of RM1,800 without missing (a month) for 13 years until the father lost his job. “That caused the family to fall behind on mortgage payments and it led to the foreclosure nightmare,” he said. Nadzim added that the father was declared bankrupt despite having paid RM40,000 in 2014 to prevent foreclosure of the house. He said the house had also been auctioned a few times without success prior to Lee’s purchase. The story has since gone viral as other websites have picked up on the story, which affirms that kindness and compassion still exists in this (sometimes) cold world.