This story tell us not to be ‘too kind’ to our bosses…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it goes:

There’s this Jaga Singh who was working for a multi-millionare as a night guard at his house.
One day, while the millionaire was driving out to catch
an early morning flight to conclude a business deal, Jaga Singh ran out from the guard house and stopped the millionaire’s car just right in front of the gate.

He said ‘Sir…. Sir…. are you going to board a plane?’
‘Yes, why?’ asked the millionaire. ‘You had better cancel the trip. You see, last night I dreamt about the plane going to crash.’

Curious over the early morning fright that Jaga Singh had given, the multimillionaire decided to cancel his trip. ‘You better be damn right for this is a million dollar deal.’

The following day, there were news reports that the plane which the millionaire was supposed to take had indeed crash landed!. ‘Thank God I cancelled the trip.’ the rich man said Realising that what Jaga Singh had said had come true, he called the Singh to see him.

When the guard was called that morning, the millionaire gave him his salary and FIRED him. WHY?

Think first….

Use your brains

Use your brains!!!!!

Still no idea??

Come on…… it is very easy….

Still drawing a blank????

Just imagine you are the Singh and you have saved your boss’s life………

OK-lah, since you do not want to ‘use your brains’ like Jaga Singh before you talk to your boss……….

Just scroll down for the answer….


Jaga Singh was supposed to guard the house at night…. NOT to Sleep and Dream all night!!!!!

So, GO BACK TO WORK and don’t try to save your boss’s life!! It’s not worth!!! Always save your own ass first!!! Haha!!!