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KUALA LUMPUR: A Puchong-based sugar importer company claimed that it was able to sell refined sugar to consumers at lower price.

Nurani Resources Sdn Bhd managing director Datuk Ali Hassan said it however can only be materialised if approved permits (APs) for sugar import is given directly to the companies that are capable to carry out the business.

“I have been importing refined sugar from Thailand for RM1.50 per kilogramme.

“By right, I can sell it at RM1.90 per kilogramme to consumers compared to the current market price of RM2.95 per kilogramme.

“However, since I am using other people’s AP and I have to pay extra for it, I’m not able to sell it at the desired price,” he said at a press conference organised by Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) today.

Ali said he hoped that the APs would be given to the companies that were also capable to import sugar.

His sentiment was echoed by PPIM, that also called on the government to review the procedure for the issuance of APs for sugar import.

Its chief activitist Datuk Nadzim Johan said by doing so it would help to reduce the price of sugar in the market.

“We hope the new government will look into this matter and award APs to capable business companies, rather than giving them to those who sell their permits to others and make profit out of it.

“We are not envious of those with APs, but it is rather a matter of addressing the high price of sugar.

“Yes, we want to reduce sugar intake among consumers, but at the same time we should not burden them with the high price,” he said, adding that there was an urgent need to eliminate favouritism.

“There were APs given to those who did not trade sugar. So, why don’t we give AP to the traders who are really in the business.”

Present was the coordinator head of Majlis Jualan Jimat Harapan Rakyat Datuk Dr Mohd Noor Ali Akhbar.


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