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22 Dec 2016

PETALING JAYA: Despite the kind act of a good samaritan who decided to forgo a RM44,500 deposit he paid for a house facing foreclosure, the family living in it still have to face the nightmare of their house being auctioned off again.

It was reported that Lee Hui Sen had bought the house in Subang 2 at an auction recently, but when he went to inspect his purchase, he found out that the family who couldn’t make good on their mortgage payments was still living there.

Moved by this, Lee had decided to forgo the deposit so that the family could continue living there, he also wrote a letter to them advising them on how they could make payments and keep the house.

“We are very thankful to Lee for his kind act and if I could talk to him, I would like to thank him personally. What he did was surprising and unbelievable,” said the homeowner who only wanted to be known as Nor.

However, efforts to find the good samaritan has proved futile, as Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) Datuk Nadzim Johan said that they were trying to locate him.

“We are trying to locate him but couldn’t so far, we don’t know his whereabouts,” he told theSun.

Despite this, Nor told theSun that Lee’s kind act would only bring temporary relief as she was notified by her bank that the house would be auctioned off again.

“The nightmare has not ended, although what Lee did was good, the bank is still going to auction off our house and someone else is going to buy it,” she said.

Nor admittedly revealed that they had fallen back on their mortgage payments in the past two years because her husband had lost his job, but they are still left in the dark by their bank as to the status of what they owe.

“We have been left in the dark, as to our payments since 2014. My husband has also been declared bankrupt which is very difficult for us,” she said.

She said that the bank had, unbeknownst to her, stuck up notices that the house was to be auctioned.

“We have been trying to speak to the bank for months to work out our loan repayment but they wouldn’t see us,” she said.

“Then one day, I looked into my post box and found the auction notice flyer, they had sent the flyer to the whole neighbourhood,” she said.

Nor and her husband are living there with their two children and are living in constant fear as to when they would have to vacate their house.