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EMEL PILIHAN : Please Read
23 May 2011


i was chased and attacked by a group of men in 2 cars trying to hijack my car in the afternoon yesterday. i was driving my husband’s car alone on my way back from mid valley at about 4.30pm and only noticed these 2 cars as I was turning left into jalan beringin, damansara heights. They came awfully close and fast which I thought strange as it was a residential area and full of road humps. Then the first car (which was a E class Mercedes) came to my side and the passenger (had a policeman’s hat but not in uniform) had a walkie talkie and was gesturing for me to stop. When I didn’t, he overtook and parked in front of me and the second car (which was the new 3 series BMW) was parked right behind me. the guy came up to my window and using his walkie talkie again, was frantically asking me to wind down – it was that split second that I realized that they weren’t undercover cops (yes sounds silly now when one is rational!) and I just reversed and drove off. Both cars were chasing me trying to swerve and corner me.

I was stopped 3 times by them – the second time was the road downhill between SC and the Science Centre and the same guy from the Merc came out – this time with a parang. I reversed as far as I could – these people were definitely professionals and didn’t want their cars damaged cos everytime I reversed, the bmw at the back also reversed. I thought I’d be safe going onto a public road so I went on the sprint highway – they continued to chase and managed to stop me again- and I was on the fast lane of sprint highway (right between the SC and Bukit Kiara) and there were plenty of traffic – and this time – they parked so close to me – one in front and one at the back and the guy with the parang came out and this time was smashing with full force at my driver’s seat window. Another guy came from the black bmw and started hitting on my passenger seat window – there were plenty of cars but no one stopped or honked despite seeing these 2 men smashing my car. I just reversed not caring if my car got knocked and trying to get some space so that I can drive out and finally managed to. I lost them when I turned onto jalan damansara highway.

It is absolutely traumatizing as I, like many, only read about this.. but the audacity and desperation for them to be doing this in broad daylight and at such a public place is unimaginable. I am so thankful that I am ok but I have to write this because i know many of us take it for granted that it would not happen to us.. but it has happened and it will happen again. Please please be careful – one can never be vigilant enough. you’ve read it all:

1. ladies – don’t drive home alone at night – they will target women driving alone – day or night.
2. don’t stop when you’re being chased
3. know that they’re not the real cops when the proper police cars are not being used

I was given this no. by the inspector – 2274 4465 – it’s the Bilik Gerakan in Brickfields and if you think you’re being followed or chased – call this no. and they will send a mobile team who’s nearest to where you are.