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EMEL PILIHAN: S”PORE: This looks like trouble is on the way…… Just asking for trouble
10 Feb 2011

 Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 18:55:05 -0800
 From: z??????????/@yahoo.com
 Subject: S”PORE: This looks like trouble is on the way…… Just asking for trouble
WOW !!!!!
This looks like trouble is on the way for LKY….. Just asking for trouble..!!
He urged us Muslims to be less strict? We urge him to go and die.
Who the hell this fella thinks he is? He is one stupid human being who will die anytime and he tells us Muslims to be less strict? Is he my God, a Prophet, a companion or a descendant of our last Prophet, a ulama or a Ustad?
    Hey LKY, listen. Whether I, my family or my siblings are good Muslims or strict ones at which level of piousness, is none of your bloody business. You did not create me nor you were asked by God to tell me what and how I should be as a Muslim. Who you or your family prays and what you eat, drink and do is your business. We Muslims don’t give a hoot. So, you mind your own business. We have our own books of guidance from the Al-Quran, the Hadiths and all other books from the great Islamic teachers, past and present.
    We will seek and obey Allah’s laws and guidance, not yours or your puppets in MUIS. We have also been warned of people like you and there is one verse in the Al-Quran that describes people with your thinking – “Surah Al-Kafirun”. Ask the dummy head in MUIS, the Mufti, to read and describe the translation to you. This verse has in-depth meaning but in short, it tells both the Muslims and the non-Muslims that they are free to practise what they believe in, AND, that they can all live in harmony, side by side.
    The Singapore’s MUIS and Mufti are all a laughing stock. If our new Mufti has any pride in his religion or fears God, he will dispute and correct you in what you said, without fear or hesitation. But we Muslim Singaporeans have seen this over and over again with MUIS and Muftis, one after another. All of them are just dummy heads of PAP. So, we don’t expect them to say anything.
    Next, are intermarriages a problem in Islam? Don’t lie old man. Do you think you can fool everyone all the time? All Muslims are brothers or sisters and there is no distinction is colour of the skin or race. No one man is superior to another and all colours are equal. Ask the Mufti to relate to you what the last Prophet said in his last sermon. If intermarriages were a problem in Islam, how did Islam spread to the nations like China, South Asia, South East Asia, and now US and South America? Your supposedly well educated brain is a bird brain? Oh, one more thing, your theory of “a good mare with a dud stallion = a poor foal”. You preached this in the 1980s and now you preach it again. So, you are a good PM huh? What about your mother and father? What breed were they? PMs too? Are your grandparents PMs too? So, your son has cancer? Based on your theory of genetics, the cancer genetically must be from you, your deceased wife, your parents or hers? And your albino grandson? Will anyone marry him? Are you calling your grandson a dud stallion?
    Back to the issue of discussion, are you asking Muslim Singaporeans to be less “strict” in our faith so that we can support your vices like gambling and prostitution which you have brought into this nation? Singapore is fast becoming a “sin” city, no longer the “singa” city. You want to see our Muslims to be called Muslims for namesake only but not in practice like those in USSR? You want mosques to be only showpieces so as to show people that we have mosques and that we have Muslims but they don’t pray, don’t fast and don’t read the Al-Quran?
    LKY, nobody is asking for your views on Muslim faith. If we want to, we will ask you. But than again, you are not worth a penny for us to ask you on this issue of faith. You are not a Muslim. You are not inside Islam to know what is inside of Islam and not being inside Islam means you are outside of Islam. So, how can you comment on what is inside Islam?
    You see LKY, believe it or not, God already knows you before you know yourself, for he created you when you were a sperm swimming inside your dad’s testicles. Your fate is already written just like how you cannot do anything to keep your wife alive forever. Likewise, you will not be alive forever. Death will come and only the Creator knows when your time is up. Your day will come and, most importantly, when you are close to your death and the Angel of Death appears before you to take your soul, two other angels will appear to ask you questions. Be worried. Be prepared. Be scared. It will be painful for you. Don’t waste your last few minutes or days or months worrying about us Muslims on how strict we should adhere to our faith. You should be worrying about yourself on how death is going to be like for you. There is no escape.
    But you see, this will only be the beginning. With all the curses from so many Singaporeans, both Muslims and non-Muslims, these curses will bring you to Hell. Your death will be like those of the Pharaohs of Egypt. People will rejoice at your death. We Singaporeans will live to see this joyful occasion (you’ll be dead by then but your soul will probably see us Singaporeans rejoicing on that day). Your body will be eaten by worms (if buried) or burnt to ashes (if cremated).
    I will defy you. My family will defy you. I will spread the message to all Muslim Singaporeans whom I know to defy you. I will spread the true word of Islam to my non-Muslim friends and that is, “live and let live and respect each other religions”. I will spread the word of racial harmony, intermarriages, etc to my Muslim and non-Muslim brothers and sisters.
    So what are you going to do?
    A Muslim Singaporean who has served his NS