new straight times 3.2.2017

PETALING JAYA: Two police reports have been lodged against a driver who spewed profanities at a Road Transport Department (RTD) officer for refusing to accept his offer of a bribe last month. The incident occurred at about 4.25pm at Km318.89 of the North-South Expressway, near Tapah, where the 37-year-old officer was conducting patrols with his team, as part of the Chinese New Year traffic ops. The officer had pulled over a Perodua Myvi and issued a summons to the driver for driving in the emergency lane, an offence that will not be compounded, but taken straight to court. As the driver did not want action taken, he allegedly attempted to bribe the officer, who refused the offer and left the location. The incident was documented by another driver who posted an account of the incident on WeChat, and included a picture of the officer, which she shared on Facebook. The posts have since gone viral. The woman claimed the driver hurled profanities at the RTD officer for refusing to accept the bribe. Peninsula RTD Officers Union President Hamzah Masri said the first report was lodged on Jan 28 by the officer at Sungai Senam police station in Ipoh, Perak, and another was lodged by the Union at the Putrajaya police station on Tuesday. Hamzah also said it was irresponsible for the woman driver to upload a post on the incident and spread it on social media. “The personnel was only doing his job when he issued the summons, as the driver was cruising along the emergency lane. “I hope the act of spreading (stories) and making (incidents go) viral will be stopped. We also hope police can track down the individual and take stern action for uploading a picture of our man (being subjected to insults). “The post also showed that there were elements of bribery in the incident, so we also hope the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission will take action,” Hamzah added.