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Han Sha Zunuddin: No need to clarify whether the halal A4 paper animal fur -NANYANG SIANG PAU – 10/2/2017
10 Feb 2017


(Kuala Lumpur, 9) How to mark the animal hair class?. The Minister of Trade, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Hasha Zunuddin, said the industry could use A4 paper to write “This product is made of XX animal wool”.

At the same time, he stressed that non-food items only label components, without clarifying the halo or not.

“Just as a shoe or a bag made of pigskin can be labeled with pig skin and can not be labeled ‘halal shoes’ or ‘non-halal shoes’.”

Ask for supplier product ingredients

He also urged the uncertain commercial components, should the supplier of goods contained in the ingredients.

“The Ordinance has been in existence for as long as the sale of pigskin-made shoes and handbag businesses has been labeled. The goods are made from pigskin, so long as the goods are produced,” he said. There are notes can be.

In an interim press conference today, he stressed that the Department did not want to carry out large-scale banning action, people mistakenly think that this is a big event.

He added that law enforcement officials had been instructed to give advice and reminders if they found that there was no label merchandise component, as some businesses did not know of the relevant ordinance.

Asked whether the goods will be returned to the banned prior to the merchant, he said that the action will be announced within two weeks.

There is no need to cover the pig logo

The Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association (PPIM) has suggested that it be unnecessary for pigs to produce products such as pig and pig leather products that are marked with a pattern of pigs in order to make it easier for consumers to distinguish.

“We do not want to make things difficult for anyone, as long as there is a label that can be, we hope to create pro-business environment.”

Attending the press conference today included Datuk Roseland, Director of the Enforcement Division of the Trade and Consumer Affairs Department, Dato ‘Jiang Huaqiang, President of the Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises Association, Rove, President of the Malaysian Hardware & Machinery General Chamber of Commerce, Mr Liu Qinghe, President of the Malaysian Hardware Wholesalers’ , Director Lee By Kun, Malaysian Gift Chamber of Commerce, Mr Wong Yiu-fai and Malaysian General Merchants Association President Fang Zhimin.

Malaysian hardware wholesalers trade union president Liu Qinghe pointed out that before the dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Enforcement Group to start the outlaw, but as the Minister announced the suspension action, I believe that things have been satisfactorily resolved.

He said that in recent days received complaints from members of the paint brush was confiscated, we are dissatisfied.

“Even if Muslims do not buy, there are other people to buy, confiscate all the goods businesses can not be justified.

In any case, he was pleased with the minister’s prompt response.

In addition, the Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises Association, Datuk Jiang Huaqiang added, the Council yesterday informed the Minister should immediately stop the subject, the Minister decided to hold a press conference today to clarify the matter.

“This is not a subject and should not be politicized.”

Whether the
announcement of oil prices Han Sha Zunuddin: until the cabinet decision

Hensha Zunuddin said it would discuss with the second finance ministers deep in the cabinet before deciding whether to announce the basic calculation of oil prices.

The problem, he says, is that some people calculate in their own way and confuse people.

He was the second finance minister Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman said it would discuss with the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, is expected to announce the basic calculation of oil prices, the case of the response.

Hindustan Zainuddin pointed out that the price of crude oil and retail prices are different, the latter depends on the refining process and yield may be, if the refinery production of small, high demand, retail prices will naturally rise.

“I also have family and friends and, as Minister of Trade and Commerce, I take care of the interests of consumers to ensure that the designated retail oil prices will not be too high.