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24 Dec 2016

KUALA LUMPUR – The Good Samaritan who gave up the RM44,500 (S$14,420) that he deposited for an auctioned house after he found out about the occupants’ sorry state, is the mystery man of the moment, with many asking who is this magnanimous Malaysian named Lee Hui Sen?

“We are still unclear about his whereabouts,” said Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia chief Datuk Nadzim Johan. He said he still could not locate Lee, adding that he wanted to reward him for his selfless act.

Nadzim had helped verify with the banks involved in the auction the authenticity of a letter left in July in the post box of the family living in the house in Subang.

Lee had written the letter, saying that he had checked out the house and could not bring himself to take it away from the family.

Photo: Internet

Since the news about Lee’s good deeds appeared on Wednesday, there have been a number of Twitter posts such as “We need more Malaysians like Mr Lee Hui Sen”, “Spread the love”, “God bless #LeeHuiSen”, and “I’m touched by this. It’s time to drop the colours and embrace that we are all human beings”.

The couple, who live in the house with their 20-year-old daughter, only wanted to be known as S and Nor.

They said they were thankful for the kind act but remain in limbo as they might be facing another bank auction. “At the moment, I can only pray and wait for the best for my family,” said Nor, 42, when contacted yesterday.

Nor, who is a former bank officer, said she and her husband had ventured into their own business which did not turn out well and had been behind on their mortgage payments during the last two years.

Her husband, who also worked previously in a bank, was declared bankrupt in 2014 after defaulting on the mortgage.

In a handwritten letter to S, Lee wrote that he had decided not to continue with the purchase even though he had paid the 10 per cent downpayment.

“I am Lee Hui Sen, the buyer of the auctioned house that you are living in now. I am sorry for buying your house and it might have made you and your family worried. The other day, my family and I went to your house and we saw shirts outside the house. We do not have the heart to evict you. We will lose the money but it will go into the bank account of your house. We hope this can be of some assistance to you,” Lee wrote.

He also advised S to go to the bank to restructure his loan to avoid having the house put up for auction again.

Lee also provided some feng shui tips, telling S to remove old plants and flowers at the side of the house to make the house brighter and to welcome positive energy.

“Good luck to you and your family,” Lee wrote.

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