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Matai police to strengthen cooperation to fight fear – Oriental Daily – 20/7/2017
20 Jul 2017

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The purpose of the terrorist organization is to attract the attention of the world and show their strength. Although there are terrorist activities in some countries adjacent to our country, the security of the Malaysian Republic of China (Kuala Lumpur) Still in the police control.

“Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, which are adjacent to our country, are indeed active in terrorist organizations, and there are” sympathy “for terrorist organizations in Singapore, and no country or region can escape the threat of terrorist activity As a result, the Malaysian police still have the ability to control the situation. ”

Improve safety measures

He said that the Malaysian police often guard against the future, with security laws to deal with these terrorists. In the days to come, the police will also improve security measures, so that terrorists do not have the opportunity to attack.

Norazis said at a press conference after attending the 24th Maitai Police Campaign to Combat Crime. Attendees include Deputy Governor Duchen Hussein, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (Intelligence and Action Group) of Bukit Amman, and Deputy General Counselor of Thailand and Abiga, Commander of the Thai Foreign Affairs Department.

The issues discussed also include border security, terrorist activities, criminal offenses such as car theft, drug smuggling, cyber crime and maritime security. Matai police have prepared a cooperation plan, is expected to have further decisions in the next meeting.

On the other hand, for dozens of owners, accompanied by the Malaysian Consumers’ Association (PPIM), the police have so far received 50 reports of victims and set up an ad hoc group to investigate.

He said the group would hold a special meeting next Monday and that he would personally preside over the meeting.

He promised that the police will take the necessary action against the offenders, while the whole incident to check out, for the victims to recover justice.

The matter is at 2:45 pm on the 10th of this month, in the shadow of the United States and the United States and the United States. Dozens of owners claim that they were cheated in a car deal, so that under the chairmen and trader of the association, they would disrupt the warehouse lock and drive 40 cars without permission, but they did not produce any court documents.