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Minister Opens Door To MACC – New Straits Time – 5/10/17
06 Oct 2017

NST 5.10.17 (minister opens doors to macc)

THE minister helming the ministry at the centre of a massive corruption scandal involving government funds of more than RM100 million says he would open all channels to ease the country’s graftbusters’ probe into the case.

This, he said, was on the assumption that the ministry linked to the senior officials being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was his.

“We will assist the MACC if the ministry is involved.

“…but, until today, I have no knowledge of this issue.

“I will make a statement once I get information on the case,” he said.

Meanwhile, a nongovernmental organisation had urged Malaysians to help the country’s graftbusters blow the lid on attempts or acts of corruption committed at the expense of the poor and underprivileged.

Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association chief activist

Datuk Nadzim Johan said as the country progressed towards becoming a developed nation, the corrupt must not be allowed a place in decision-making posts as they could hinder plans put in place to attain this ambition.

It was worrying, he said, to learn of cases of funds being swindled from allocations meant to improve the wellbeing of those living in areas which had not been optimally developed.

Nadzim said he and his organisation could attest to the sorry state of many rural communities, many of whom had been without basic amenities, like water and electricity.

“The reality is that many in these areas still have few basic necessities …

“And, efforts to move them out from poverty could be hampered by the corrupt in power, who are only interested in enriching themselves,” he said.

“I have seen people in these areas barely having enough to wear or food to eat… On top of that, many children there could do with better education opportunities.

“Corruption is wrong on all levels, but it is even more damaging when it involves the unfortunate.

“There is also this sick culture of ‘If I don’t take this money, someone else will’, which is damaging our country,” he said.

Nadzim was commenting on the latest MACC case involving funds being swindled by a group of corrupt senior officials of a ministry, who had been in cahoots with several companies, to redirect more than RM100 million from government coffers, their way.

The allocations were meant for public welfare and infrastructure programmes.