KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) has urged the public to plan wisely before distributing food to the needy to avoid wastages during Ramadan.

PPIM lead activist Datuk Nadzim Johan expressed concern over the wastage from people’s enthusiasm to hand out alms, especially to the homeless around the city centre.

“It is heart-breaking to see mounds of food abandoned by the roadside.

“Imagine if the funds used to purchase and prepare the meals were given to those in need, and the aid reached the right beneficiaries,” he said.

Therefore, PPIM urges the public to contact any non-governmental organisations (NGO) or charities before contributing to get accurate information on the situations in their area.

“It is best if they entrust it to others who are more proficient in aid distribution instead of leaving it damaged, stale and abandoned like that,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Meanwhile, Nadzim added that PPIM also provides food aid for families in need through the PPIM Welfare Unit.

“We obtain information directly from applicants and deliver assistance according to their needs.

“We also cooperate with several other NGOs to avoid wastage and ensure that all those in need are helped,” he said.

Nadzim advised the public not to be selfish when it comes to charitable activities, emphasising that collaboration between all parties is very important.

Article by: New Straits Times