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Police investigate incident of men breaking into Kajang warehouse, driving off 40 cars – New Straits Times Online – 14/7/2017
15 Jul 2017


KUALA LUMPUR: Police are investigating an incident where a group of individuals was said to have broken into a car warehouse in Kajang on Monday.

The group, accompanied by the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM), had taken out 40 cars from the warehouse.

The warehouse belongs to a car lease and rental company, which the group claims to have cheated several individuals who had leased their cars to the company.

They lodged 23 reports against the company and went to the warehouse to reclaim their cars.

A quarrel ensued at the warehouse between the group and the company’s workers.

A video of the incident made been making its round on social media.

PPIM’s Special Action Unit Director Yusuf Azmi, via his Facebook account, claimed that police who were present at the scene did not do anything to ease the tension between two parties.

He also said that police should have taken action against the company said to have cheated more than 500 people.

Selangor deputy police chief Datuk Ab Rashid Ab Wahad, in his reaction to Yusuf’s Facebook post, said that police will thoroughly investigate the matter fairly without taking sides.

He said as the investigation is on-going, police are seeking cooperation from members of the public to avoid from speculating on the incident.