The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) is always monitoring the halal meat breeders and distributors for the market in the country.

Recently, PPIM’s Chief Activist, Nadzim Johan received information from a legitimate source revealing how livestock were oppressed and the slaughter process that did not follow halal procedures.

“To make matters worse, the company is a halal certificate holder from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM),” he said.

Nadzim said PPIM strongly urge JAKIM to conduct a thorough investigation so that there were no elements of fraud to ensure the interests of consumers.

Meanwhile, Pertubuhan Kemasyarakatan Rakyat (PERKEMAS) President, Faizal Mohd Nor said, PPIM and PERKEMAS are confident that there are clear elements of violation of the slaughtering protocol as outlined by JAKIM’s halal SOP.

The evidence received by PPIM and PERKEMAS consisted of videos and photographs and was corroborated by witnesses who are the slaughterhouse workers.

“A thorough investigation needs to be done immediately by integrity parties such as JAKIM SPRM, PDRM and revamp the organizational structure of JAKIM,” he said.

PPIM and PERKEMAS are very concerned with the latest development in this case because the supply of meat from the source is believed to have been supplied to Muslims in the country for a long time.

“Among the methods revealed was that the slaughtered animals were drowned in blood and the animals were also believed to have been left to die after being bitten by wild dogs before being processed for sale in the country as halal meat,” they said in a joint statement today.

PPIM and PERKEMAS also shared video evidence, photos and statements of witnesses whom are workers at the slaughterhouse were involved to the media.

Nadzim and Faizal want Jakim to be responsible and submit evidence on this allegation.