From: ZU IM <>
Date: Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 8:58 AM
Subject: [sim] TIPS : Petua utk bangun awal pagi & solat subuh berjemaah
To: SIM <>
 Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmath UllAhi Wabarkatahu

” Tips To Wake Up For Fajr “

1 – Go To Sleep With Wadu.Perform Two Rakahs Salah And Ask Allah For Hidayah And Guidance.

2 – Recite At Least 10 Ayah Of The Holy Quran, Because Rasulullah Said To Recite Atleast 10 Ayah Of The Quran So You Don’t Get Counted Amongst The Neglectful And Be in The State Of “ghaflah” (neglect).

3 – Catch The Jamat in The Masjid.Invite Others To Also Catch it.Rasulullah Says, Who Ever Performs Salatul Isha With Jamat And Performs Salatul Fajr With Jamat will Get The Ajar And Thawab (reward) For Doing Worship All Night. The Following Link Provides Further information About importance Of Salah With Jamat, click here.

3 – Make Sincere Dua To Allah Talah To Give You The Ability To Wake Up.Make Big intentions. Not Just “oh Allah Please Give Me The Ability To Wake Up For Fajr.” Instead make intention for Tahajjud and/or catching Takbirullah in the Masjid.

4 – Do The Tasbeeh Of Fatimah Before Going To Sleep.

Subhanallah 33x, Alhamdulillah 33x & Allahu Akbar 33x. It Comes in The Narration That By Doing This Tiredness Will Be Removed After Waking Up.

5 – Go To Sleep Early Without Wasting Time And indulging in Frivolous Activities.It is Best To Go To Sleep immediately After Isha. Best Way To Feel Tired And Push One Self To Go To Sleep Early is When You Do Wake Up For Fajr, Stay Up And Not Go To Sleep Afterwards. By Doing This You Will Notice That By The Time You Hit Nightfall You Will Feel Tired And Automatically Fall Asleep.

6 – Avoid Using The Shaytaan Button

(the snooze button). The Only Thing This Does is Make You Miss The Time Of Fajr.

7 – Keep The Alarm Clock Away From Easy Reach. By Doing This, You Will Have To Get Out Of Bed.

8 – Don’t Eat Late. Try To Eat AtLeast 2 Hours Before Going To Sleep. If You Eat And Go Straight To Sleep, You Will Feel Tired When Waking Up.

9 – SubhanalCreate A Cycle Of Calling And Ringing One Another. By This if Someone Does Wake Up And Perform Salatul Fajr, We Will Get The Ajar And Thawab (reward), Subhanallah!!!

10 – A Really Effective “wakerupper” is Doing Some Quick Pushups And Sittups. This Gets The Body immediately Rejuvenated.

11 – Ask Someone To Come And Wake You Up. For Example: Wife, Mother, Daughter, Husband, Etc.

12 – As Soon As You Wake Up, Rub Your Face With Your Hands. By Doing This, Sleep Will Ward Off. It is Sunnah To Do This And Recite Verses 190 – 194 From Surah Al-Imraan.

13 – Fight The Nafs And Get Up. Nafs Will Say ” Few More Minutes.” Those Few More Minutes Will Lead You To Miss Salah Completely.

14 – If The Above Tips Are Not Working, Make Your Bed Less Comfortable Atleast For Few Days..