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13 Jan 2017

House buyers to send a deposit to become elegant. Homeowners temporarily bankrupt bankruptcy

Chinese people who are good-hearted Li Huixian (name transliteration) can not bear because of the witch-owner Sarin a large and small displacement, eventually letting 48,800 ringgit deposit to solve their property predicament, but the owner because of bankruptcy and can not use the money, fortunately in Malaysia Muslim Consumers Association intervention, the housing auction again canceled.

(Kuala Lumpur, 12 Nov.) A Chinese-American Li Hin-hsien, who was unable to bear the brutal fate of the Sorin family, eventually let go of RM48,800 to solve their financial difficulties, but the landlord could not use the pen because of bankruptcy. Funds, fortunately in Malaysia Muslim consumer association’s intervention, its housing auction again canceled.

Bankruptcy is still not the user head of funds

Malaysian consumer association president Datuk Najzahan Han said that after coordination, the bank has removed the auction house, but as long as the owner is still classified as ‘bankrupt’, the money into the account on the import like water off a duck’s back.

Najing Soohan today for the incident at a press conference that, after 3 months of arrangement, the bank finally came out to meet with us and agreed not to sell Sarin housing, but did not revoke the bankruptcy of Sarin’s Identity.

“Sarin was unable to pay the mortgage three years ago because of unemployment, and the bank declared bankruptcy without notice, which led to his inability to find work.

Najing Zoran: hope to revoke bankruptcy status

Najing Zohar said the bank should be in line with Li Huixian, a more humane approach to deal with the matter, such as discussions with Shalin only under the decision, rather than arbitrarily listed as “bankrupt” after the auction of their homes.

“We are all Malaysians, we admire the love of Chinese men love the spirit, but also hope that the banks can be as popular as Li Huixian favor, so that Sarin to restore the free body in order to have the opportunity to repay the debt.

Attendants included Malaysian Consumers’ Association Legal Adviser, Lunde.

Sarin wife: hope to negotiate with the bank will not be accepted. House auction at any time is very painful

Sarin’s wife, Ms. Connaught disclosed that they declared bankruptcy in 2014, although several attempts to negotiate with the bank side, but not accepted. 3 years, “the house was at any time to be taken away,” the torment of being, until one day, they see a letter in the mailbox of a strange man Li Huixian letter.

In the letter, the man wrote that he had paid RM45,000 to purchase the single-storey house. However, after inspection, he found that the sorrow of the Sarin family was too much to bear and the money was eventually remitted to Sarin Of the account, hoping to solve their immediate needs.

“We find it hard to believe that it is a new deception, and until the men ‘s lawyer comes to us, we believe in being honored.

Language choked with thankfulness many people

She was interviewed to conceal his tiredness, and language choked to Li Huixian thanked many times: “The house was auctioned, the past few years we seem to have no privacy, exposure to someone else’s eyes, the day is very sad.” Suddenly saw someone We are very frightened to believe that we are going to frame us. ”

She said she still did not know the identity and contact details of Li Huixian so far. She hoped that the men could see the reports as soon as possible so that they could express their gratitude.

However, she also pointed out that, although Li Huixian interested in helping them to postpone the plight, but the bank on January 10 this year, intends to re-auction, until the Malaysian Muslim consumer associations to help, the bank was canceled on January 9 auction, But Sarin “bankrupt” status has not been lifted.

“We can not use this money, so the auction house is still in crisis and I do not want to see the goodwill of men being spoiled, so I hope the bank can reconsider removing her husband ‘s bankruptcy status.