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How lucky! Malay Muslims don’t need to think – Malaysiakini – 16-2-2017
16 Feb 2017


COMMENT We Malay Muslims are definitely a weak bunch of people. We are easily confused, influenced and manipulated, hence, we are constantly taken advantaged and conned by others. Maybe that’s why we constantly need others to help do our thinking for us.

We are lucky to have authorities such as the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and other non-governmental organisations like the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) and Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) who constantly have our backs.

They are always helping us, low-intellect and irrational Malay Muslims, to lead our lives the proper way. For without them, we would probably be in archaic and primitive existence. Much like our ancestors who lived in caves.

We are also lucky that more and more people who are of higher intellectual capability than many of us are starting to see that they, too, like the authorities and NGOs, have a responsibility to help their fellow Muslims.

Yes, a big thank you to Valet Doa for offering a service that will make it easier for Malay Muslims to save their souls. They are willing to go all the way to Makkah and bring people’s prayers with them to be made at the holy land.

Of course, these people would have to pay for this service and the packages range from RM500 to RM2,500. Valet Doa will then bring their prayers to the Ka’abah, Multazam or any other holy places. I guess now we don’t have to pray anymore. We can just pay someone to do it for us.

The company’s founder, Mohd Nasrin Harin, said that people need to grab this opportunity, especially those who are in trouble or in desperate situations and want their prayers to be heard by God and be granted as fast as possible.

Never mind the fact prayers to God is considered equal and valid no matter where you are. Never mind the fact that prayers are to be made sincerely and not because you have been paid to do it. Never mind the fact the here is a person who is capitalising on religion…

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