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2064) NEW STRAITS TIMES – Cadbury invites religious leaders and scholars to manufacturing plant – PPIM
24 Jul 2014

Cadbury invites religious leaders and scholars to manufacturing plant.

SHAH ALAM : Cadbury Malaysia has invited a panel of religious leaders and scholars to its manufacturing plant in Shah Alam.
The religious leaders are former mufti of Johor and Johor Religious Council Datuk Nooh Gadot; former religious official to the Sultan of Terengganu palace Mohd Shukri Ali; and President of Multaqa Asatizah and Du’at Kesatuan Ilmuwan Islam Dr Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman.
Also present was secretary general of Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia Datuk Dr Maamor Osman.
The session comprised a tour of the manufacturing and supply chain processes, including witnessing the steps in the halal certification process.
“The supply chain process can be an intricate process, as learnt from our visit,” said Nooh.
He added that there are no doubts in the production of Cadbury chocolates as the company dedicates enormous effort in ensuring all products adhere to quality, hygiene, safety and halal standards.
Shukri said the factory visit was imperative to clear the air and to relay to consumers the stringent production processes adhered to by the company.
Zaharuddin said from the tour, “we have established that Cadbury chocolates made in Malaysia are in accordance with the strict guidelines laid out by religious authorities.”
Plant manager and chairman of Cadbury’s internal halal committee Mohamed Yaccob Khan said this additional endorsement affirmed the company’s commitment to preserve cultural and religious interests of Muslims in Malaysia.
On May 23, Cadbury’s halal status came into question when there were allegations that traces of porcine DNA could be found in two variants of its products. The issue was resolved when JAKIM verified the test results which showed that the products were halal and devoid of any traces of porcine DNA.