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2160) MALAYSIAKINI, YAHOO NEWS 20/10/2014 – Malay NGOs Want Gerakan Man Probed for Sedition
21 Oct 2014

Malay groups are upset with a Gerakan delegate’s call to Umno leaders to stop making remarks about “pendatang” (immigrants) because the Malays too are immigrants to this country.
A coalition of 52 Malay-Muslim groups calling itself Pertubuhan Pembela Islam (Pembela) said Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong should sack Johor delegate Tan Lai Soon for making the comment during the party’s annual general meeting in Setia Alam yesterday.
Pembela deputy chairperson Aminuddin Yahaya led a delegation to the Dang Wangi district police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur  this morning, demanding that Tan be hauled up under the Sedition Act.
Flanked by other NGOs such as Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) and Pejuang Islam Melayu Malaysia (Pewaris), they lodged at least three police reports against the Gerakan member.
“We demand that Gerakan president (Mah Siew Keong) sack the member who made the statement in order to be consistent with his promise that he will sack any members who make racial remarks.   “We also want the authorities to investigate and the attorney-general to prosecute Tan Lai Soon under the Sedition Act,” said Aminuddin ( right ).
‘Who are the pendatangs?’
  Meanwhile, Pewaris deputy president Saharudin Bakar reminded Tan of his roots, telling him that he should be mindful of who are the real “pendatang”.   “Do not make such statements calling us (Malays) ‘pendatang’.
“If we study history, who are the ‘pendatangs’? He should go back and study his history.   “The Chinese were brought in by the British for mining and the Indians to work in the estate, when they arrived, the Malays were already here,” he said.   Saharudin strangely attributed such remarks to the supposed absence of history lessons in schools, asking that the Education Ministry restore the History subject.

PPIM activist Muhammad Yusuf Azmi added that Tan should not be making such statements in a peaceful and harmonious country.   “He can choose to live in a foreign country or any other countries that is willing to accept him.   “He should be grateful that he can stay in Tanah Melayu – Malaysia where he can do as he wishes but that (calling Malays pendatang) is wrong,” he said.

While debating the Gerakan president’s policy speech yesterday, Tan said, “Let me make the positions of Malaysians clear: Malays, Chinese and Indians were all pendatang, except the Orang Asli, Sabahans and Sarawakians, who are the original bumiputera.”

The Rakyat Post reported Tan had apologised for his remarks last night.
“I am profoundly sorry and had meant to say that no Malaysian should be called ‘pendatang’, as we are all Malaysians,” Tan was reported as telling the online news site.

Credit : https://my.news.yahoo.com/malay-ngos-want-gerakan-man-probed-sedition-060255678.html